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For people with difficult mothers
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There is a group of women of which my mother is one whom I don't think I will ever understand.

She has spawned her one and only daughter and brought her up mainly through criticism and a desire to make said daughter into an clone.

This generation of mothers are house proud and try to apply the same amount of care to their own appearence also that of the daughter. If there are any sons they will be subject to different rules purely because they are boys.

The daughter will be nagged about her appearence and her weight constantly when not being nagged about weight or appearence the nagging will be about any other current annoyance such as getting up late or being untidy in own space or similar.

These mothers are usually organisers and will be found on at least one committee. The other thing to note is that people who are not daughters of these creatures will find the mother absolutely lovely and wonder why the daughter looks to woebegone. The fact is that these mothers have a public face with which they appear totally sane and an at home face where upon she turns into the helldaemon she secretly is with the nagging and criticism.

Nothing gets through to these women. Occasionally they appear to show remorse that they have alienated their daughters to such a degree but are completely unable to do anything to change.

Current thinking is that they somehow have skipped a generation and are a throwback to 30 years previously, womens lib seems to have passed them by.
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