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We've been quiet...

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For people with difficult mothers

We've been quiet...

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So I can only assume that we are all getting on brilliantly with our
mothers or is something far more sinister going on?

So in order to fill the void how about writing a paragraph about yourself
and your relationship with your mother?

I'll kick off...

I think we are from different planets and seem to have conflicting ideas on
just about everything. I think of myself as being modern, bright and fairly
liberal in terms of the way I want to live my life. My mother is
conservative old fashioned supserstitous and she left school at 14 (as was
the norm back then)

Our conflicts arise mainly from two sources.

1. I'm larger than average and she hates it.
2. My main priority is not to have a pristine house. In fact I am rather

The new way she irritates these days is:
3. she now feels able to criticise my chap to me fairly regularly which is
probably the best way to push my buttons.

Until a year a go I had quite successfully moved out of home I went to uni
I'd got a job and was doing alright on my own thanks when my life went to
pot I was determined not to come home and only relented last year when I
got a job in the local area.

Since then we've gotten on reasonably well and things haven't been too bad.

Gems that she has been known to come out with:

"You will never get a boyfriend if you are fat."

"You can be really pretty when you wear make up"

Having said all that she means well she just doesn't have the tools to be
suppoprtive and just plain nice.

What does your mother do?
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