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Just a need to vent

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For people with difficult mothers

Just a need to vent

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My mother is up to her usual criticisms and shennanigans as far as I'm concerned.

She is still weight nagging but this is coupled with her berating me about my general appearance.

I'm struggling ok.

You passing me snipits out of magazines about people who've lost a lot of weight is not helpful. Neither is you criticizing the way I dress and the fact I don't wear makeup.

I make sure everything I wear is clean and ironed and I take care of my clothes what I wont' do is plaster my face with make up.

If I'm 'going out' to a 'do' then I will but otherwise no it is an effort and I will only forget I'm wearing makeup and end up spreading it around my face when eyes inevitably itch.

I've told you a million times in varying ways that I'm not coping well at the moment, I'm obviously stressed and unhappy and still you think its helpful to add to the burden.

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